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Any time you are planning an outdoor adventure, you have to plan on buying suitable camping gear. Quality camping swags means good camping experience in terms of both camping convenience and comfort . Note that the choice of the camping swags is influenced by factors such as the location of the campsite, the number of the campers and even the money which you have set aside for the purchase of your camping gear. The common denominator to any camper out there, whether your campsite is to the furthest interior or the shallowest part of the forest, you have to choose a gear which will not let you down by giving in to the common nature hazards. It is safe to get ready for any behavior of nature while camping; it can rain heavily, the campsite can be extremely cold or hot and you can even find mold all over the campsite. After all, buying the right camping gear saves you money, time and enhances your overall comfort in the campsite.

Instead of hopping from one store to the other or being bogged up with bulky leads, 4WD Supercentre makes it very easy and affordable to buy top quality camping swags. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you buy the right camping swag for your camping needs.

The top quality brands of camping swags are made of high-quality material; in this case, canvas is the best. The robust canvas material covers the entire camping swag shielding you from unforgiving hazards from the environment. Ensure that the swag is made of material that is strong enough, tear resistance, rot proof and with high gauge weaved seams. Rot proof is paramount if the campsite is dump, it keeps your swag free from rotting, while the high gauge threaded seam prevents the moisture from dripping into your swag. The high gauge threaded seam expands when it comes into contact with the moisture blocking any tiny hole that can allow water to seep through. Never be tempted to buy untested camping swags and of low quality because they may end up succumbing to the demands of the mother nature during your camping.

Going by the camping swag size, you can either settle for king size, 90 to 115 cm wide or the single swag size which is 60-90 cm and 180-230 cm in wide and length respectively. If you are big-bodied, then the single size swag will be right for you. For those who have partners during camping and you are not that big, you can go for double size swag-it is around 110 to 130 cm wide and 190-to 230 cm in length.

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