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Saliva Drug Testing Facts You Ought to Know

Drug addiction is one of the most common problems among nations, and putting an end to this problem can only be done when there is a way to find out earlier if the person is a drug user or not. In order for one to find out if the person has some illegal drugs in his or her system, a drug test must be done. The choices of drug testing a person come in a wide range of variety. Usually, drug tests are grouped according to how samples are taken from the person who is suspected to be using drugs. And so, you can have the saliva, blood, hair, and urine drug tests. Saliva drug testing is the drug testing method that will be given focus in this article. Saliva drug testing looks into the saliva of the person if there are traces of drugs in it.

What places can you use saliva drug testing?
Saliva drug testing is carried out mostly at home and in the workplace. If a person is addicted to drug substances at work, he or she will not be able to work as productively as he or she can and will just affect the business operations as a whole. Saliva drug testing is the drug test method of choice in the workplace as employers know that this can just be done on-site and will not have to be invasive when done among the employees. Usually, employers have saliva drug testing done in situations where they have not yet hired their potential employees or when an accident has happened in the workplace. These tests are also carried out either randomly or regularly.

Besides the workplace, saliva drug testing can also be done at home if parents have suspected that their teenagers might have drug addiction problems. With saliva drug testing, since the sample obtained will have less chances of being altered by the teen, this is the preferred method of doing drug testing among parents at home.

Usually, recent drug use is what a saliva drug testing method can detect from the saliva sample of the suspected person. This is why saliva drug tests are best done right after accidents occur at home or in the workplace to find out if the cause of the accident is really drug abuse. Saliva drug testing is the best method to use for drivers who are taking drugs. Saliva drug testing is also being done on the detainees in court to determine if they were under the influence when the have committed their crimes.

Doing saliva drug testing
The easiest way of collecting samples with drug presence is by the saliva drug testing method. It just takes two minutes wherein you have your swab put on the lower cheek and the gums of the suspected addict. Most saliva drug testing kits show no colored line if the test is positive for drug use and a colored line if it is negative of drug use.

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