Common Questions About Facial Injections

In New York, cosmetic surgeons can provide a variety of treatments that can improve the way patients look. A primary concern for patients is reversing the signs of aging. These treatments can address these concerns head-on. A local surgeon can provide answers to common questions about Facial injections.

What are Fillers Used for the Face?

These fillers are injected directly into problem areas such as wrinkles and fine lines. The products are manufactured with hyaluronic acid which is in the body already. These injections provide immediate results and plump up the skin fast. However, the process isn’t permanent and will need to be repeated. The clinician will advise the patient about how often they should receive these treatments and how to achieve maximum results.

Why Do Patients Undergo This Process?

Patients undergo the process to plump up the skin and eliminate the signs of aging. The injections provide fast plumping through binding inside the skin. It causes folds around the eyes and mouth to disappear quickly. Patients who want to look younger can acquire the treatment in one office visit with their preferred cosmetic surgeon.

How Long Do the Treatments Last?

The injections can last up to nine months, and the patient must follow all after-care instructions. The clinician explains strategies that the patient can follow to maintain their results. This could include avoiding tanning or excessive exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. These conditions can produce more wrinkles overall.

Are There Any Adverse Results?

It is possible for the patient to experience some swelling and bruising at the injection site. The injections will not have the same adverse conditions as silicone injections that were used in the past. Some patients have reported adverse reactions, but they are related to allergies. Patients should visit their doctor at the first sign of these conditions.

In New York, cosmetic surgeons offer amazing treatments to make patients look younger. Patients who want less invasive treatments can acquire fillers to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The facial treatments are highly beneficial for all patients who are showing signs of aging. Patients who want to schedule an appointment for these treatments contact a clinician now.